Where is The Mayo Clinic?

by Fran Fox on November 16, 2011

Mayo Clinic is located here in Rochester, Minnesota.  Latitude = 44.0228, Longitude = -92.4672

Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota


It never occurred to be that one of my blog posts should have covered this very basic question. I was reminded tonight when I saw that one of the highest searches on Google for Mayo Clinic is “Where is Mayo Clinic”. So here is the location of The Mayo Clinic in very specific detail.

Driving Directions to the Mayo Clinic:

906 driving miles from Dallas Texas to Mayo Clinic

1,892 driving miles from Los Angeles California to Mayo Clinic

1,136 driving miles from New York, New York to Mayo Clinic

1.668 miles from Miami, Florida to Mayo Clinic

1.744 driving miles from Seattle Washington to Mayo Clinic

403 driving miles from Kansas City Kansas to Mayo Clinic

Flying to Mayo Clinic:

1.328 nautical miles from Los Angeles California to Mayo Clinic

889 nautical miles from New York, New York to Mayo Clinic

1,312 nautical miles from Miami Florida to Mayo Clinic

6,100 nautical miles from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Rochester, Minnesota is an international airport but RST is still a small airport.  Many times you will find more options flying into Minneapolis, MN-MSP. The flight links above show you both RST options and MSP options.

Here is a link to a collection of Mayo Clinic videos that are very good at explaining your arrival at both airports and transportation to Mayo Clinic.

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