The cost to come here to Mayo Clinic and financial help for those in need.

by Fran Fox on February 27, 2011

Update: October 4, 2015 Please read this post for additional help both spirituality and financially.  Mayo Clinic and The Saint Francis Connections

As I have talked about in my blog Mayo Clinic was founded on the statement that “the needs of the patient come first”  Therefore Mayo Clinic has many supporters who work to help those that are in need of Mayo Clinic but cannot pay the cost.  I am posting two infomation brochures below that I picked  up today at Mayo’s Saint Marys Hospital.  I will post more sources of financial assistance information in the future.  I will also be blogging talking more about more conventional means regarding “the cost of Mayo Clinic”. Information that  relates to insurance coverage when coming to Mayo Clinic.  But for some reason I felt the need to get this information posted here late tonight.

I know many of you are scouring the internet looking for ways to save and/or improve your quality of life or the life of a loved one.  I know that Mayo Clinic can seem like a a long shot that is only available for the rich but that is the farthest from the truth.  I truly believe that if you stay determined to help yourself or your loved one you can get here. There are many generous, wealthy people who will help or completely pay for you to get here. I suggest you write a letter, send emails, make phone calls and send faxes to ask for help if you are in financial need.  See the two sources below and watch my blog for other sources.

The most important thing is to NEVER GIVE UP!!!!

Click below:

Bernard H. van der Steen Cancer Patient Assitance Fund -Support for cancer patients in financial need at Mayo Clinic’s Saint Marys Hospital

Poverello Foundation -Helping patients in financial need -Mayo Clinic Rochester Minnesota

200 1ST ST SW





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