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by Fran Fox on September 26, 2013

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Lindsey Wood September 26, 2013 at 11:00 pm

“You’ve been researching on the innetret.” We both laughed. It was at the point that he recognized how much I did understand what was going on. He explained to me why he thought a PAO (Periacetabular Osteotomy) was the best option for me. I decided he was the best doctor for me and we scheduled my surgery for March 17th – a lucky day for me.We did my pre-op physical the Friday before my surgery. I felt confident in my choice to be at Mayo because of the skills and caring from everyone I met. My mom and I were very impressed with the Patient Education class to prepare you for surgery. The nurse who did the class was very thorough in explaining what would happen. I had had 6 previous surgeries in the Twin Cities and had never been offered a class like this. It was strange, because after that class I wasn’t as nervous anymore. I knew what was going to happen and I knew I had best people in the world to take care me.When I arrived for my surgery, everything went to according to plan. In the pre-op area I gave Dr. Cabanela his lucky St. Patty’s Day flashing necklace. He put it on and had a good laugh with me! Although he told me it might cause chaos during surgery. I love to laugh and Dr. Cabanela was able to help me relax before the big event. I don’t remember the surgery, of course, but the nurses, doctors, and patient communications people kept my parents up to date on my progress.When I arrived on 8th floor west, a lovely nurse stayed with me those first hours out of surgery. The nurses were highly skilled and very caring. They explained everything to me and my parents. They were helpful and accommodating the whole time I was there. Once when I had a very painful night, John, the night nurse, did everything in his power to make me comfortable including warm blankets and just sitting with me. One of the personal care assistants came regularly to check on me. She was so kind and helpful. She even came on her breaks when she was stationed on a different floor just to see how I was doing. My doctors were wonderful through my whole stay. Dr. Cabanela and his resident came regularly to check on me and monitor my progress. I loved it that they always talked to me, not just my parents. They really listened to our concerns and followed through with everything.Many different specialists helped me plan for leaving the hospital. They helped us with therapy and the equipment I would need my first weeks home. We felt prepared for the trip home and follow-up care. How lucky I felt when my nurse the last two days was the one who led the patient education classes. She got me to welcome me to Mayo Clinic and she was my nurse on the day I said goodbye. As I left 8th floor that day I had cheers and smiles from all of the staff that worked with me.This story may make my surgery sound like a fairytale because I had so many wonderful people around me. It wasn’t a fairytale. My surgery was hard – just like Dr. Cabanela told me it would be. I did have a lot of pain and scary times, but that is the point of story. Dr. Cabanela and the team of people at Mayo took on my difficult problem and supported me through the whole process. Once I was at home, Dr. Cabanela called to check on me. When I called with a concern or question, he called me back right away and got me in to see him if needed. He kept things light and always made time to laugh and chat with me even though we had a hard problem to solve. I’ll always have a special spot in my heart for him.How do I thank all of these wonderful people? All I could think to do was to write down my story and share it with others. When you have to go to through hard or scary medical situations, the Mayo Health System has highly skilled and extremely caring professionals to help you. It’s weird because when I go back to Mayo Clinic for check-ups, I feel like I’m coming home. It’s all because of the great people and I thank them from bottom of my heart! Maybe someday I’ll get to work there. That is my dream.

-Lindsey Wood

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