About ClinicGuide.org:

I am writing and updating this blog about Mayo Clinic from here, in Rochester, Minnesota. My blog is meant to help people get information about Mayo Clinic and the town of Rochester that supports this world famous medical facility.

The goal of my blog is to help people and patients learn about what makes Mayo Clinic and Rochester, Minnesota so very special. Mayo Clinic has saved and improved the lives of so many people from all over the world! I want to help those that are looking, planning, or already here at Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

Mayo Clinic is much more than just its fantastic buildings and medical equipment. It is about the wonderful people of Rochester, the tradition of caring, and its pride in being the very best medical center in the world with the primary goal of helping others.  The success of Mayo Clinic is also about its many services that support the Mayo System. These services support not only the patient but also his or her family and friends who have traveled here with the patient.  Rochester has first class hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, shopping, and much more.  It is my sincere desire to share with you the things this fantastic place has done for my family and to help you have the same experience. I have been enthusiastically coming here with family and friends to get help for 21 years in order to assist them with getting around Mayo Clinic and Rochester.  I have learned a lot!  I now live here in Rochester and have decided to devote my time to help others to get here and to find the help they need to save and improve their quality of life. I will give you the inside tips on getting to and around Mayo Clinic and as well as the city of Rochester, Minnesota.